20829 Ventura Blvd. Woodland Hills, CA

Michelle A.

Thousand Oaks, CA
Dr. Bahari oversees a well-managed, efficient, professional staff who thoroughly addressed my concerns. There is great care available here.

Jackie C.

Simi Valley, CA
I had my first appointment yesterday. It was great. Even though Tammy was very busy she was still courteous. The nurse was very helpful getting my past information and medical records. We even laughed about how I had to take off my boots to lose a couple pounds on the scale. Dr. Bahari was very sweet and attentive and took care of all my needs. He even did a woman's wellness exam which I thought I would have to go somewhere else because of my insurance. I get sent from place to place for each service I need. I got my prescriptions refilled, a flu shot, a pap, and blood test order all in one visit. I'm ecstatic. He wants me to quit vaping and he understood I'm not ready but I will let him know when I'm reading for cessation. Overall I had a great first time appointment.

Caesi B.

Woodland Hills, CA
I'm very happy with Dr. Bahari - Nejad and his off staff, including manager Tammy. I've been coming here several years now.

I'm picky. As a federal healthcare lobbyist, I'm interacting with medical professionals regularly. I developed a checklist for "good standards practices" for doctors’ offices, assisted living, board and care facilities, skilled nursing and hospitals. It's mostly for my use. However, I've found especially in US that it seems if the front desk staff works well as a team and management is stable and has his/her / their act together, the practice is well run and the doctor is less stressed.

Here's my list of why Dr. Bahari and staff have continued to keep me loyal:

  1. Dr. Bahari scores an almost 10 on listening skills and kindness. He's laser focused, efficient, makes his own notes in the computer (less misinformation that way). He takes practicing medicine vs income as a priority. He has a sign on the counter with his medical oath separate from the Hippocratic oath on the counter.
  2. He thinks "preventatively".
  3. You feel like you are working with him vs having him provide care "at" you.
  4. He asks appropriate and smart questions. I don't feel talked down to and I also don't feel smarter or better inform than him. It's no stress pleasant experience in the sense even if I've saved up a list of issues to ask quick questions about, we get a lot covered fast and managed.
  5. I've never felt rushed along.
  6. I've never waited long for him when I've had an appointment.
  7. Manager Tammy is on top of things and focused.
  8. It's at least a bilingual office. English and Farsi.
  9. Parking is free and right by the door.
  10. They accept most insurance including. Medi-Cal and Medicare.

Grant C.

Westlake Village, CA
My family and I recently became patients of Dr. Bahari.

Dr. Bahari is an excellent physician. He is knowledgeable and well educated in his profession, and his kind and professional attitude made me feel calm as his patient. He explains medicine in a way that is easy for you to understand and makes sure to leave time for you to ask questions so that you leave his office feeling better than when you walked in. I really enjoyed the way his office was organized as well. The clinic is brightly lit and clean. The staff, Tammy and Star, had everything I needed for my visit ready to go and worked in an efficient way that allowed me to see Dr. Bahari on time.

I've always had a positive experience coming to Dr. Bahari and his clinic. Dr. Bahari and his staff work hard to provide a positive patient experience. He makes each visit personable, is thorough in his work, and I am happy to be under his care as a patient!

Avi M.

New York, NY
Dr. Bahari is simply a lifesaver. I've had a chronic cough that's been bothering me for over 2+ years now and regardless of what other doctors recommended, nothing worked. It was cutting into my school, work, and personal life and was something I couldn't deal with anymore. I was going crazy. He saved me a lot of time and money because of him being the first doctor to find the root cause of the problem, not just trying to make it go away for the short-term. He was super analytical and thorough in ruling out other causes. I never felt pressured at any time during the consult and I'm so grateful for him being so pleasant through my visit. You can tell he was meant to be a doctor. If you're also looking for a caring/humble, yet super smart doctor who knows his stuff you should absolutely consider going to him. I'm definitely glad I did!

Rafie S.

Woodland Hills, CA
I would like to share my experience, Firstly, front desk is always friendly, courteous and thoughtful, They can generally get you in for an appointment very quickly if need be. Dr. Bahari is a knowledgeable, he spends a lot of time and listens carefully to my problem, also he gives me some great advices, nice atmosphere great person. Useful, Funny, Cool.

Todd T.

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Dr. Bahari has saved my life with figuring out what was wrong with me. I am treated for Asthma and diabetes. He monitors me and gave me the right medication. I am very blessed to have him as my Doctor.

Natalie B.

Woodland Hills, Woodland Hills, CA
Dr. Bahari is one of the best doctors I've ever had. I'm so thankful I found him. He is able to help and cure you immediately. I feel so comfortable with him. He's super nice and knowledgeable. Also, the office staff is super friendly and helpful.

Brenda G.

Los Angeles, CA
I have been Dr. Bahari is patient for over 2 years now and I can honestly say he has the best bedside manner when it comes to his patients... I am what you call that "annoying patient" you know the one who constantly thinks there's something wrong and calls the doctor for any damn reason... let me tell you guys he is so wonderful, so patient and has always called me back after hours regarding all my concerns. I recommend him to anyone looking for a primary care physician. Tammy is his front desk she's pretty nice usually accommodates my husband and I when we call in to set up appointments. Thanks Dr. Bahari and staff for all you do for us.

Minamishka T.

Burbank, CA
I've been seeing Dr. Bahari for years. He is very caring and helpful! Today his receptionist, Tammy made my lack of planning her own emergency and went out of her way to track down some very important paperwork I needed to have in only a few hour time. VERY much appreciated!!

Delone R.

Calabasas, CA
He is the best Doctor I have been to! The staff is very nice and they make you feel comfortable! This Doctor really cares about your health and takes time to tell you what you need to do to stay healthy! If something is wrong, he lets you know exactly what you need to do to get well. What I like most of all, he has you come back for checkups to make sure you're doing the right thing to get better! I love this Doctor!

Jon Eoyang

Dr. Bahari is a wonderful doctor.
His office in Woodland Hills is well organized and has been extraordinarily helpful to me. Before seeing the doctor, patients are weighted and their blood pressure tested. His assistant updates their medical history and asks about the details of the current medical problems. All is done with great care and competence.

By the time I see the doctor he has read my test results and the notes from his assistant and staff. He explains what is going with my body in professional detail. He suffers repeat questions patiently. He coordinates referrals well. In short Dr. Bahari and his office are everything you want in a doctor and a doctor’s office.

Dina McCarty

Out of all the doctors I see, Dr. Bahari has the best bedside manner. A very kind doctor that explains everything and answers all of your questions. I like the free parking and not having to wait long to see Dr. Bahari is a plus. I would recommend Dr. Bahari to anyone looking for a primary physician.

Mahnaz Shoghian

Thank you majorly to Dr. Bahari -Nejad and their team for all hard working. He always has been aware of all my problems. strongly I can say great Dr. I’ve ever had. Dr. Bahari is very polite, caring, efficient, professional and very knowledgeable about any case. I would recommend him to everybody. He is my Dr. for 2 years and I am so lucky to found him. All staff are very professional and caring.